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Wilmington and DIRECTV satellite help make movie magic

Living in Wilmington, you understand the time, work, creativity and some might add blood, sweat and tears that combine to create movie magic. You’ve probably seen filmmakers scout locations and noticed cast and crew members working all hours. You or someone you know might have even worked on one of the many movies filmed in the Wilmington area as an extra.

While Wilmington helps bring those movies to life, DIRECTV® satellite TV service brings those movies to your home in Wilmington. DIRECTV lets you watch those movies the way the filmmakers intended, with stunning, crisp high-definition, 1080p picture and digital sound. Knowing the effort and dedication that goes into filmmaking, it’s only fitting to deliver movies and shows with the best technology and service available.

Trust DIRECTV to deliver these movies in a manner that does them justice. That’s just one reason why more than 50 million Americans turn to DIRECTV for their satellite TV service. The best movies and television shows deserve to be delivered by the nation’s #1 satellite TV service provider, DIRECTV.

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Every seven seconds someone switches television service to DIRECTV. From that first conversation with a representative, new subscribers begin to understand why DIRECTV is the leader in customer service. In fact, according to the 2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index, DIRECTV has spent more years at #1 in customer satisfaction than any other cable or satellite TV provider.

Order now and discover for yourself why DIRECTV is the undisputed leader in satellite TV. All packages include free installation by a trained technician who will take time to ensure your equipment is working properly and answer any operating questions you might have.

If keeping in touch with the local community and keeping current on local news and weather is important to you, DIRECTV is the only satellite TV provider that includes local channels in all of its packages. DIRECTV might be the largest satellite TV provider in the country, but it still understands the importance of local channels.

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